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PENSION ALERT!: (March 4, 2009)

The following is from the NYC Pension Fund:

Due to a recent arrest of a New York City Police Pension Fund employee, an identity theft alert has been activated. The Fund does not believe that member information has been compromised. However; by law we are obligated to notify our membership when a possibility exists that their personal information may be in jeopardy. As a courtesy, the fund is providing its membership both active and retired members the opportunity of receiving free credit protection for one year. We are in the process of mailing the attached letter and credit protection information to all affected members.

For more detail, visit the Police Pension Fund Website: NYPD Police Pension Fund

Updated FICA Refunds

Refund Year Date Check Mailed by the City
1989 9/29/2008
1990 10/9/2008
1991 Still being processed by the IRS
1992 Still being processed by the IRS
1993 10/17/2008
1994 10/18/2008
1995 10/19/2008
1996 10/20/2008
1997 10/21/2008
1998 10/28/2008
1999 10/29/2008
2000 10/31/2008
2001 11/03/2008
2002 11/12/2008
2003 11/13/2008
2004 11/14/2008
2005 11/17/2008

We expect that the city will be issuing checks for those years still being processed by the city in the coming weeks. The refunds for 19991 and 1992 have not yet been processed by the IRS. Checks were mailed to the most recent address provided by the member used when submitting his original paperwork. View and download: OPA’s LoDI FICA Refund Claim Change of Address Form.

The most efficient way for members to contact OPA is at the following email address:

We will update this message as more information becomes available. As always, if you have any questions, please call the CEA office at 212-791-8292.

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